Daphne Trims Her Talons (6 min) (ASMR video) (amateur)

Oooh, it gives us the tingles! 

Spend a quiet moment with Daphne (6 minutes, to be exact) in her video debut as she sits down to groom her lovely feet between the first and second sittings for her Inaugural Photo Collection. Watch and listen as Daphne trims her talons and slathers some lotion on her weary feet. (Daphne's legs are already shaven at the time of shooting this video--it, unlike her previous collection, does not feature her super-soft body hair. Maybe next time!)

Here's a fun fact for you: Our Beloved Muse, Daphne, took it upon herself to film this video without us -- an especially intimate effort indeed! We should all be so lucky!

First, Our Beloved Muse, Daphne, deigns to give us a good look at her legs in her blue knee-high socks. > Get the Pay-What-You-Want Promotional Sock Pics Collection Here! <

Then, we were even allowed to peel off said socks and take even more pics of Daphne's Totally Bare, Totally Natural Feet and Legs! > Purchase Daphne's Self-Described "Werewolf Legs" Photo Collection Here! <

After this, we were able (with much groveling and nearly bankrupting ourselves with a great many offerings) to convince Our Beloved Muse, Daphne, to sit for a second shoot, with hair and nails freshly trimmed and her feet freshly moisturized. > Shop Daphne's Inaugural Trimmed-Up Photo Collection Here! <


-Daphne's Devotees

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